Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Company Credit Terms: 2% 10th Prox, Net 30

  1. TTL sends customer statements of the first business day of the month for charges incurred between the 1st through the end of the previous month.

  2. This is a 30 day open account; not a revolving credit account.

  3. All charges made to each month's billing cycle are due within 30 days.

  4. A past due balance may result in the suspension of credit sales. 

  5. Finance charges of 1 1/2% (18% annually) will be added to all past due balances until the amount is paid in full.

  6. Payments (by check or cash) made against current charges, excluding finance charges, before the 10th of the following month will be eligible for a 2% prompt-pay discount (customer must deduct the 2% before writing the check).

  7. Unless otherwise specified, Customer understands that all payments received will be first applied to finance charges and then to the oldest invoices. 

  8. Customer agrees to pay all reasonable collection costs, attorney's fees and all court costs incurred by TTL in collecting any past due obligations.

  9. Paying with a credit card: We accept Visa and Mastercard only.

  10. Credit card payments made after the 10th of the month or on past due amounts will be subject a 2% fee.

Shop Accounts: 
Shop account are generally used for tools and other purchase that can be used on multiple jobs. We restrict shop accounts to a credit limit of $2500.00 and may be suspended if the balance on the shop account exceeds this balance. We highly recommend setting up jobs to prevent shop accounts from being suspended.

20-Day California/Nevada Preliminary Notices:
Any Customer purchasing materials for a construction project will be required to furnish, upon request and without delay, all necessary information to comply with California and Nevada Preliminary Lien (prelien) legal requirements. This preliminary notice is not a reflection of the integrity of any Customer.

For more information regarding preliminary notices:

>> California Preliminary Notices

>> Nevada Preliminary Notices